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What Happened Kiss Cartoon? Is Kiss Cartoon safe?

Everyone should agree to this statement that ‘ cartoons synonymize childhood’ . keeping a kid away from cartoons is next to impossible. Even as adults some of us get excited when one our favourite childhood cartoons appear on our screens. Similarly, anime is a type of Japanese animated cartoon that zillions of people (both adult and children) around the globe love to watch. According to my research people like anime because it is fun to watch and a lot of anime have good work put in and some really nice story work that makes some normal shows look bad. If you like to stream HD anime online for free then you must have heard of Kisscartoon, it provided a very wide range of anime that no other website or platform provided (even the underrated animes) , Hence it is much more popular than other anime websites . one other major reason for its popularity is Kiss cartoon’s rick and Morty, it is an animated adult science fiction sitcom that is full of humorous misadventures. You can even watch the rick and Morty 4 trailer or the entire season for free of cost on Kiss cartoon .

Now the sad part is that official kiss cartoon website does not exist anymore. As kiss cartoon was not legal so it had to be shut down one day. But now many fake sites have appeared claiming to be Kiss cartoon , they have very minor changes that people can hardly notice, but still the range of content and HD online streaming that official Kiss Cartoon provided is still unmatchable . some of the duplicates of Kiss Cartoon are given below:-

Steps to download anime from Kiss cartoon:-

1)Explore the Kiss cartoon homepage and look for your anime that you want to download.

2)Click on the anime and let it load.

3)Now you can easily stream the chosen anime online but make sure that you do not click on any spam pop-ups links.

4)Check the authenticity of the anime and now to download the anime on your device you can use a video downloader software.

5)Copy the link on the anime and paste it on the software. Repeat the same steps you use to download videos from YouTube for free.

6)Choose the video quality and click on the download now button to start the download.

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